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Dec 11, 2014

Exodus: Splitting the Red Sea of Fake Garden Variety Anger via RoboFist's Revenge

by Tobi Ogunyemi

In a bit of fun cross-promoting that we like to do with Steve Killius' RoboFist's Revenge every once in a while, we have out latest piece from that side of the tracks: the RoboFist crew was gracious enough as always to let Tobi vent his white hot anger about the attention a certain film has gotten lately (a little indie called Exodus: Gods and Kings - you might have heard about it).

Ridley Scott's latest blockbuster venture tells the familiar story of Moses freeing his people from the iron fist of the Pharaoh, and the film - even before being released of course - has come under a lot of scrunity over its cast and whitewashing. Really? That's the problem people who haven't even seen the movie have against this film?

Tobi's anger at their anger takes the issue hard and lays it down on how that's the least of the film's apparent problems. Thanks again to our friends at RoboFist for letting him get all this anger out like one of those Biblical plagues!

Redheads Who Pack Heat and Pretend to Know About Cameras - The 2014 Wedding Postseason with Aaron Segel

by Tobi Ogunyemi and Aaron Segel
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Full podcast of 'Redheads Who Pack Heat and Pretend to Know About Cameras - The 2014 Wedding Postseason with Aaron Segel'

As we promised the last time we got together for a wedding podcast, we're joined by Aaron Segel to talk about the postseason of the 2014 wedding season (now that it's over, thankfully, thankfully over)! Getting together at the Black Lotus bar in Clawson, Aaron details his busy season as a videographer and Tobi, as the MC, talks about his experiences as well. The fellas talk about the funniest things that have happened, their wedding day ceremony schedules, the dance floor (such a fickle creature) and much, much more.

Take a listen to the podcast and in the wedding spirit, it's time to get funky!

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'Dessi Terzieva at the Red Bull House of Art'

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Full gallery of 'Dessi Terzieva at the Red Bull House of Art'

Along with our interview with Dessi at the Red Bull House of Art, we were able to take some pictures of her dynamic art and feature them here in a gallery (because even though we haven't done it in a while, we still love art and showcasing it!).

Her art alone can speak for itself, so check out the gallery of some of her pieces and a few videos of some incredibly slick dancing that took place at the festival dance floor as well!

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Talking With Dessi Terzieva at the House of Art By Red Bull

by Tobi Ogunyemi and Dessi Terzieva
Located in: Cinema Studies Program - Our Special Guests

Full article of 'Talking With Dessi Terzieva at the House of Art By Red Bull'

Last year, we were invited by ou good friend and incredible artist - Detroit creator Dessi Terzieva - to view her art gallery and exhibit at the House of Art By Red Bull in the Eastern Market in Downtown Detroit. It was an incredible affair with not just Dessi showcasing her work, but numerous of other artists as well. While she was meeting, greeting and working the room, we got to talk to Dessi for a spell about her work, how it has advanced, changed and evolved since we last featured it on here, her use of religious art and much more.

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The Wild Truth

by Steve Killius
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Full article of 'The Wild Truth'

Christopher McCandless' story - unexpectedly dropping the confines of his life, taking on a new name in 'Alexander Supertramp' and traveling along the Stampede Trail of Alaska - was brought to the silver screen in Sean Penn's directed film, Into the Wild, back in 2007. The story, while popular, is just one side of the equation and Christopher's sister, Carine, is here to detail the rest of it through her perspective.

Our friend Steve Killius from RoboFist's Revenge stops by to review Carine's book and to detail just how personal extracting the story of herself, her brother and their family is in light of what others think they know.

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Nov 21, 2014

Tilda Swinton for Snowpiercer please. Did anyone else give a fantastic performance using a shoe as a visual aid in their fascistic explanation of social dominance? No, no they did not. WHY IS NO ONE TALKING ABOUT MARION COTILLARD?

- Tobi Ogunyemi, on 'You Have to Make the Movie to Win an Oscar: My Oscar Wish List'

The Power of Bicycle Thieves

by Tobi Ogunyemi
Located in: Ambitionland - Analysis

Full article of 'The Power of Bicycle Thieves'

Tobi has alluded to his Top 100 list of films of all-time and mentioned how his fellow Cinema Studies alum Michelle Heikkila admonished him for leaving out Vittoria De Sica's masterpiece, Bicycle Thieves. A glaring mistake, but one that he looks to correct.

Analyzing the film's historical background - along with the movement of Italian-neorealism - the film touches on how powerful its influence and execution is even to this day in regards to modern sensibilities. De Sica's classic has a masterful hold on the differences, fusion of plot and story and needless to say, the film should be on everyone's list.

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Interstellar - Film Review Form

by Tobi Ogunyemi
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Full article of 'Interstellar - Film Review Form'

Christopher Nolan's latest film, the science fiction blockbuster on the epic canvas Interstellar, is now out starring a number of Oscar-winners and nominees in Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway, Jessica Chastain, Michael Caine and a supported by a loaded cast overall.

We filled out our standard film review form and we have to admit, this was a tumultuous review to fill out because this is a tumultuous picture to watch. You'll have to read it for yourself but all we're going to say is we might stay away from Dylan Thomas for a while.

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You Have to Make the Movie to Win an Oscar: My Oscar Wish List

by Tobi Ogunyemi
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Full article of 'You Have to Make the Movie to Win an Oscar: My Oscar Wish List'

While we're in the crux of the awards season - it ends eventually, we think - we wanted to touch on a number of films that due to a number of reasons (timing, genre, boredom, etc.) will be passed over or not even remembered as the awards keep piling up. Looking at some pieces of great work that aren't rotated continously in the echo chamber of social discussion, we touch on James Gray's The Immigrant, Jonathan Glazer's Under the Skin, David Michôd's The Rover, Wes Anderson's The Grand Budapest Hotel and many others well-deserving films.

Including Tom Hardy and his Welsh accent in Locke, Tilda Swinton in everything she does in Snowpiercer and Marion Cotillard. Why is no one talking about Marion Cotillard? We won't stop asking this question because it needs to be asked.

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