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Jun 23, 2015

Behind Every Great Villain Is A Very Funny Guy - A Listing of 10 Antagonists

by Tobi Ogunyemi
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What makes a great villain? A number of things really; enigmatic, mysterious, iconic, smug, knowledgable and so much more, especially in regards to their opponent, the hero.

Most of all, they have to lose at the end. Or, at least as is the case with some memorable villains, they have to deal with setbacks as they continue to lurch forward but in their overall function within the frame of classical storytelling, losing comes with the job. With that in mind, our friends at RoboFist's Revenge gave us a challenge to write down some of our ten favorite villains and scanning from films to television, anime and comics, we were able to do just that.

Strap ourselves in because even though you're just a grocery clerk sent to collect the bill, you're address omnipotence, and you're in for a bumpy ride.


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Jun 7, 2015

Attracted to the Waitress With the Shaved Head: Noted Films of the Decade So Far and More with Melina Lescoe and Steve Swetich

by Melina Lescoe, Tobi Ogunyemi and Steve Swetich
Located in: Podcasts - La Grande Illusion Podcasts

Full podcast of 'Attracted to the Waitress With the Shaved Head: Noted Films of the Decade So Far and More with Melina Lescoe and Steve Swetich'

Hey, it's midway through 2015, which is midway through the decade! So as has been the case with a number of websites out there, looking at what some of the best films over the decade so far as been a popular chore and it's one that we look at here in our latest podcast as well.

Joined by two recent graudates from the Cinema Studies Department from Oakland University in Melina Lescoe and Steve Swetich, we look over some of those top films that publications like The A.V. Club, The Dissolve and The Playlist have come up with and discuss them as we usually do accordingly. We also rap about a number of other directors, films and much more as usual!

Apr 12, 2015

What Exactly Does An Editor Do Again? Talking Comics, Comic-Con, Editing and More with Heather Antos

by Tobi Ogunyemi
Located in: Cinema Studies Program - Our Special Guests

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Naturally, we love comics here at SpaceLion and with that, comes the fascination of the fine folks behind the scenes that puts this awesome picture books together. For the most part, when fans of the medium talk about comics, one can quickly mentioned their favorite characters, runs, storylines, writers and artists but what about some of the main pieces that keeps the gears moving smoothly? By that, we mean the editors. Assistant editors, editor-in-chiefs and more - it's almost like producers (and the many coordinations that follow with that title) in cinema and the simple question that comes from it; what exactly do editors in comics do?

Well, it's a good thing we have a great friend who edits comics, and has a such a passion for it, that we were able to not only ask her that question, but have a full blown discussion on a number of topics from there. Talking with Heather Antos, she tells us about her editing jobs (such as the anthology she's developed, Ungrateful Dead), her experience at the New York Comic-Con as an editor, her love of comics and more. This interview with her takes place last October and since then, Heather has become a member of the editing family at Marvel Comics. Knowing her expertise on editing, she's going to make her mark and then some at the House of Ideas.

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Postmodernism in Fight Club

by Alexander Bardy
Located in: Cinema Studies - The Student Spotlight

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David Fincher's cult classic at the end of 1990's, Fight Club, spoke to numerous of people through a range of its more diverse topics; anti-capitalism, identity, popular culture and the zeitgeist, the transition of film and filmmaking at that point in time, adaptation from one medium to another and much more. But none more important, and more pivotal, to the film's dynamic and nature than that of postmodernism and how what the style and movement brings out in the film, and vice versa as well.

Oakland's Cinema Studies Alexander Bardy shares with us with research paper that looks into how essential postmodernism is within Fight Club's parameteres and also goes into how there's more than just the first rule of Fight Club itself....

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Apr 4, 2015

Our Love of Peggy Olsen in a nutshell....

Mad Men - the end of an era - is back this Sunday, everybody!

Needless to say, we can hardly wait.

Mar 21, 2015

Rushing and Dragging The Cat with Luigi Murri - Part Two

by Luigi Murri and Tobi Ogunyemi
Located in: Podcasts - La Grande Illusion Podcast

Full podcast of 'Rushing and Dragging The Cat with Luigi Murri'

If you listened to the first half of our super episode of the La Grande Illusion Podcast with WXOU's Luigi Murri on his jazz radio show, The Cat, at Oakland University's WXOU (which you can listen to here), we are back with the second half our discussion with Luigi and it's all fun and games at this point!

After talking about his radio show, musicial background and more, we geek out this time over the recent films we've seen lately; everything from the topical Whiplash to Nightcrawler, The Grand Budapest Hotel and much more to a variety of actors, YouTube personalities, character actors and a continuous range from there on out. It was a great mega-episode with Luigi, so check out Part Two of it here and the whole discussion in general as well!

"Don't wake me from the dream...."

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Skinning the Cat with Luigi Murri - Part One

by Luigi Murri and Tobi Ogunyemi
Located in: Podcasts - La Grande Illusion Podcast

Full podcast of 'Skinning the Cat with Luigi Murri - Part One'

We got a good show for all you cool fly cats out there in our latest batch of the La Grande Illusion Podcast: speaking with our friend and contributor in Luigi Murri, we sit down with him to have have a long and fun discussion about a wide variety of topics. Starting off first, we get to know more about Luigi's jazz show on the award-winning college radio program WXOU from Oakland University, The Cat. How did Luigi come up with the show in the first place, putting the show on the air and all the fixtures that come with that, where he's looking for it to go from here, his own musical background and much much more.

So much more in fact, we have to split the podcast into two parts - business and pleasure. Take a listen to this first single and come on back with us to the next part of our episode with Luigi!

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Mar 3, 2015

Angry On All Fronts At the Anger Towards Fifty Shades of Grey

by Shelby Shoup
Located in: Ambitionland - Opinions

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Well, this particular film certainly got people all hot and bothered, didn't it?

This past Valentine's Day (hehe, nice) the film adaptation of the 'best selling' book by E.J. James 'Fifty Shades of Grey' (you might have heard of it or at least, your mother has) was released to the public in a fervor of antipaction - for both good and ill. Most reviews were as you expected - not good, better than its original source material - but that fervor reached a high pitched when voices started yelling out for boycotts, ralling against the film and its messages regarding its subject matters and the lifestyle (somewhat) depicted within accordingly and a lot more handwringing.

Angry and the loud anger against the film, our friend and contributor Shelby Shoup simply asks why? Looking at the film for what it is, and not the books, what is it about this melodramatic that has everyone so antsy.... besides the sex stuff that is? Looking into film as an art, feminism, the attacks against the film from that viewpoint and much more, take a read on what makes this film such a firecracker without being one itself eventually. Oh, and she reviews the actual film too.

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Feb 26, 2015

The Maximum Fixing of Spider-Man For Sony

by Tobi Ogunyemi
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The leasing deal that Sony Pictures has made with Marvel Studios allows the world's greatest wall-crawler to make an appearance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe good and proper - for a lot of fans of the movies, it's about damn time. But what if Sony had a solid plan where they didn't have to do that?

We think we might have an idea for that, looking at various versions of the character, supporting casts, villains, storylines, timelines and even different types of films that can be done with the diversity of Spider-Man's character. Just take a look at his original medium, and the answer can be found there.

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